Saturday, September 24, 2011


Eight and a half months in.  We’ve been living in Costa Rica for quite a length of time now, and it shows in everything that we’ve learned.  We’ve discovered that Jenn is an incredible teacher and she desperately wants her own classroom to teach in.  I learned that I am called to teach and that my gifts lie with older kids, or adolescents.  And above these, we’ve discovered our calling as a couple; in short, we are going to be light and life to people around us (if you want to know more about our thoughts here, we’d love to share them with you via email).  These three things warrant this trip, let alone the rest of our newly found knowledge.  

Considering these things, we are beginning to get a bit antsy to return to the States and begin this next adventure.  But, we are continually encouraging each other to live here, in the present, now.  So, the last 3 weeks have brought some interesting adventures. 

Jenn continues to explore new Caribbean recipes, with plans to try Rondon (from the English ‘run down’), a mixture of fish, coconut milk and any available starch.  Ceviche is also on the menu.  Both of these require fish, which is a new item on our budget menu since I picked up a new hobby; spear fishing.  Whenever possible, I take my homemade spear and sling and scour the underwater rocks for hiding fish.  I’ve been successful on a number of occasions, including a lobster dinner one night.  What fun!

Chris w/his new buds, Abie & Nathan Reed
We’ve had a number of visitors lately and one more to come.  The Reeds, a family attending language school in San Jose in preparation for mission work in Bolivia, spent last weekend in our town.  We had them over for breakfast and spent much of Friday with them.  This morning we said goodbye to a group of four George Fox University students awaiting the start of their study abroad program in San Jose.  They spent a week at our place so that they could experience the jungle and beach before they hit the big city.  One day they rode with us into our school to help our students learn some English.  They studied with them and played a thrilling game of BINGO.  Ever since then, all we hear is, "Why aren't your friends here?" "When will they be coming back?"  Apparently we aren't cool enough anymore.  They were a delight to have and we hope that they left blessed and in high spirits.  Tonight, we will be picking up Micah Baits to stay the weekend with us while the famous Gary and Mylinda head to the States for a conference.  Looks like he’s just going to have to join us for the U of O Duck football game radio broadcast Saturday night!
Dana, Amy, Shawnte, and Brandon with our 2nd graders.
Micah and Jenn will also be leading the worship time at church on Sunday. Hopefully they can liven things up and introduce the congregation to some different praise songs. If all else fails, they’ll at least succeed at providing rest for the volunteer pastor who heads this up every week, in addition to his sermon. Volunteers have been lacking in other areas of the church recently, especially during the Sunday School time. This is actually an answer to prayer, because it implies that there are actually children who show up! So, Jenn has plugged into this open spot for the last couple of weeks and plans to continue to do so. It’s the best when we see kids on the beach who point her out saying, “Hey, she’s the girl from church!” We now ask for prayer that this time on Sunday with the kids is revamped so they’ll continue to keep coming and even learn something about Jesus while they’re there.
Jenn still tutors Danie twice a week, a really bright 6 yr. old.
At the school, things are going very well.  The kids are speaking more and more English everyday.  On Thursday, we went on a field trip with them to the mayor’s office to see the workings of the city.  The offices there are quite dilapidated but are air conditioned, at least.  As we were leaving, we met the president of the city (whatever that means), got our picture taken, and were apparently going to end up on television here.  Cool.  Also, I’ve finally built a website for the school to help them raise funds.  It took time, but here it is  Please take a look at it and share the site with your friends.  Maybe, just maybe, we can raise the funds to make the school presentable and marketable.  They are doing such a wonderful thing there, and I’m sure that Jenn and I will continue to promote the school and support it ourselves once we’ve returned to the States!
Assuming the role of judges, they decided that Chris was
guilty of murdering Mrs. Savage!
God is good.  

Thank you for your support and prayers.  Please be praying for my Aunt Cindy that she has a speedy recovery, and give praise for the miracle that she has already been discharged from the hospital!  Praise God!

Chris and Jenn Savage